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You buckle your kids in, then why not your pup! 

Great for people who love taking their dog with them in their car especially as the laws regarding restraint of dogs in or on vehicles can vary between the states/territories, I recommend that you check what the requirements are for your area, but in NSW drivers caught with unrestrained dogs risk fines of more than $400

(Dog Law Road Rules) 

The TailRunner Seat Belt Restraint makes it easy to travel with your pet in your vehicle. My seat belt restraint clips right into your cars seat belt buckle! They are adjustable from 55cm - 79cm making them suitable for pretty much every breed of dog. My products are of the highest quality and built to last and do the job properly, rust resistant and durable. I am confident you and your pet will love this product. 

Comes in solid colours of Black, Blue, Pink, or Red.


  • Made from the same strong durable webbing as the leashes and collars
  • Adjustable to fit any sized dog
  • Seat belt buckle suits all makes and models of vehicles