Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Men's - Grey/Orange

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Altra Lone Peak is the best selling Altra trail shoe. Fitted with the MaxTrac Outsole with multi-directional lugs to assist you downhill AND uphill! The new trimmed down upper allows for greater flexibility leading to a more comfortable shoe. Altra Lone Peak is fitted with the Skeletal Stoneguard for added protection and a 25mm stack height for ultimate comfort on the trails.
Version 4.5 of this heritage model will not let you down!
The trail runner that started it all continues to evolve. With the Altra Lone Peak 4.5, you get all the legacy with all the updates. For the first time, the Altra Lone Peak features the responsive AltraEGO™ midsole. The MaxTrac™ outsole returns, ready to conquer all types of trails, and an updated StoneGuard™ brings an extra layer of rock protection.