Altra Mont Blanc Boa Trail Shoe - Men's

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Altra Mont Blanc BOA Trail Shoe - Men’s

Dial in your perfect fit with the Mont Blanc BOA® ultimate long-distance trail running shoe. All the same Mont Blanc features you know and love with a dual-dial BOA® Fit System, which allows for micro-adjustments when you’re on the run. Two distinct adjustment zones give you a truly personalized fit. Tackle your toughest long-distance trail miles but keep them comfortable with our Standard FootShape™ Fit and Altra EGO™ MAX midsole foam. Whether you’re toeing the line at an ultramarathon or setting out on a hometown trail running adventure, the Mont Blanc BOA® is ready to fly over the most rugged terrain.

The All-new Mont Blanc BOA is Altra’s newest invention, designed especially for long-distance trail runs. The shoe is inspired by the highest mountain in the Alps. The Altra Men's Mont Blanc BOA trail shoe has maximum cushioning for runners to last long on hard trails. The Altra EGO™ MAX midsole is light and soft, to provide maximum comfort on trail runs. The 30 mm height of the midsole offers an ample amount of protection without compromising the ground feel. The cushioning comes with responsive bounce, a great improvement from previous Altra trail shoes. 

The engineered mesh on the upper of the Altra Mont Blanc BOA is breathable and lightweight, with protective material placed strategically. The Vibram Litebase maintains grip, traction, and durability. The micro and macro lugs on the Vibram outsole provide traction on any terrain. To reduce weight and ensure good flexibility while running, the outsole is constructed with a concentration of rubber and 3.5 mm lugs under the heel. The innovative light base technology reduces the overall weight of the ALltra Mont Blanc BOA. The outsole of the Altra Men’s Mont Blanc BOA Trail Shoe strikes a great balance between grip, durability, and weight. Buy the Altra Mont Blanc BOA trail shoe in Australia.  

Altra’s signature FootShape™ allows your toes to spread out naturally. Most trail runners find the ride of the Altra Men’s Mont Blanc BOA excellent. The responsive midsole is a major reason for an excellent riding experience. The cushioning helps to absorb the landing force as you cover mile after mile. That is what makes the Altra Mont Blanc BOA the ultimate long-distance running shoe. 

Men’s Altra Mont Blanc BOA Trail Shoe Specification 

Best Use

Trail Running 

Trail-Running Shoe Type


Running Shoe Cushioning

Maximum Cushion 

Heel-to-Toe Drop (mm)


Heel Stack Height (mm)


Forefoot Stack Height (mm)


Footwear Height


Footwear Closure







Altra EGO MAX foam


Vibram LiteBase rubber

Rock plate 




Weight (Pair)

1 lb. 0.2 oz.

Altra Mont Blanc BOA Trail Shoe Features


Our signature FootShape™ comfort gives your feet more space to sit naturally and is designed to address biological differences in men's and women's feet.


Our Balanced Cushioning™ platform positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, encouraging better alignment and better form.


Our Altra EGO™ Max midsole foam gives you all the light and luxurious performance with a little extra bounce and added durability.


The BOA® Fit System is a unique dialed lacing system that allows for a micro-adjustable, precision fit you can change in a matter of seconds.


According to Vibram®, Vibram® Litebase outsole reduces 30% of the overall sole weight through a reduction of the sole thickness by 50%, while maintaining Vibram quality in grip, traction, and durability.

Buy the Altra Mont Blanc BOA in Australia 

The Altra Mont Blanc BOA is an ultimate long-distance trail running shoe, inspired by the highest mountain in the Alps. The shoe has a plush underfoot feel that gives a bouncy and responsive experience while running. The Altra Men’s Mont Blanc BOA has a comfortable, lightweight upper. The shoe has probably one of the best outsole grips. With the energetic EgoMax midsole, you can go for a trail run, hiking or long race, or marathon. You can get your hands on the Altra Mont Blanc BOA in Australia at a reasonable price.  

Altra Men’s Mont Blanc BOA is a runner’s go-to marathon shoe because the shoe is incredibly soft while tackling steep descents. The softness and responsiveness is what make the Altra Men’s Mont Blanc BOA a great racing shoe. Even with a higher stack height, the shoe feels very lightweight and always race-ready. Although the upper of the Altra Mont Blanc BOA is thin but provides protection on trails. The gaiter trap velcro strap provides additional protection from debris if needed. Shop the best Altra Mont Blanc BOA Shoe in Australia.