2.0L Sports Hydration Water Bladder BPA Free

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2.0L Sports Hydration Water Bladder BPA Free
  • 2L water pouch, ultimate remedy against dehydration
  • Easy and fast hydration thanks to plug-n-play system, open with mouth, specially designed on/off system for firm closure of valve while on the go
  • Flexible tube 105 cm long, compatible with all Aonijie backpacks, outlet on side, protective piece for nozzle
  • PVS and Bisphenol-A free, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material
  • Wear-reistant
  • Extra thick liner is pressure-tolerant and wear-proof
  • Plug-n-Play System
  • The tube easy to remove or even put when the bag is full
  • Double Soldering Sealing
  • Double soldering sealing side technique