Kailas Fuga Ex Trail Running Shoes - Women's

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Kailas Fuga Ex - The Endurance Expert


Weight: 263g (size 42EU, 9US)

Sole Thickness: 27 mm / 37mm

Drop 10mm (insole included) 8mm insole not-included

Surfaces: Mixed Terrain (Gravel, Mud, Dirt, Grass, Snow)


  • Endurance expert
  • Grippy and well-cushioned shoe for ultra long runs
  • Vibram megagrip outsole
  • Thicker eccevai midsole
  • 4-point gaiter holder
  • Adjust whole sole 2.0 system
The new trail shoe in the FUGA 3.0 series, developed specifically for the extreme of extremes. Named The FUGA EX, the "Ex comes from the word "Extreme".
Designed for Ultra's with more thickness for support and wider forefoot For long distance running comfort, the upper features a mesh that is light and comfortable, yet durable allowing moisture to dry faster.
The TPU reinforcement to the toes have been softened to reduce hardness when impact occurs to the toe, while retaining the ability to protect your feet against boulders or logs as well. 

The wider forefoot is more comfortable for long distance running comfort and the thicker tongue adds comfort to the instep, with a storage compartment to secure the upgraded AWS lacing system, preventing the lacing from loosening or being caught on snags during technical running.

Kailas' proprietary AWS (Adjust Whole Sole system) lacing system prevents your feet from hitting the toe when downhill. Reducing bruising toenails, purple nails that are a popular symptom of trail runners, this model has been upgraded, including the firmness position, improving the ability to wrap the foot better.

Quick lace for easy on/off is another unique Kailas technology that allows the laces to be unlocked quickly by simply attaching them to the grappling hook. Convenient both when wearing and taking off

The new thicker midsole is made from soft thick Eccevai, has been adjusted to increase the support by 6 mm to 27 / 37mm (drop 10 mm). Up to 20% lighter midsole weight compared to conventional midsoles, at just 263 grams (extreme light).

Vibram Megagrip outsole provides enhanced traction, even in wet conditions and features an alternating triangular tread pattern. The tread depth of about 4 - 5 mm increases confidence in both uphill, downhill and lateral traction and tyre-like curved surfaces improve stability and curvature.

The Insole from KORT Insole helps absorb the impact, providing good ventilation to reduce moisture and the musty smell caused by sweat.