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This style is great for every day walking with two dogs on footpaths and fire trail. Easily attaches to the standard hand-held leash.

Bungee reduces jolt from an unexpected pull or shock on both you and the second dog, also gives you time to react if needed.

All hardware components are made of metal for extra strength.

Adjustable sliders mean you can adjust the length of each leash if you have two dogs of varying height 

With the bungee relaxed at the shortest length, each leash is 70cm in length and can be adjusted out to 90cm, when the bungee is stretched out it reaches a length of 105cm on the shortest length to 120cm when adjusted out to full extent.


  • Has triple reflective stitching so you can be seen during low light
  • Heavy-duty, High-quality metal swivel

Splitter works best attached to a standard straight leash and for a hands-free option buy a Tail Runner belt and attach your standard straight leash to the belt 

 If you do mainly a lot of single trail running my recommendation would be to buy the complete system and an extra leash rather than a splitter, my reason is that during single trail running both dogs and myself all follow slightly different lines and this forces the dogs to run side by side. With my pair, I have one that pulls like a truck for the first 10km and the other happily runs beside or behind. So for us, two separate leashes on the one belt system works best.