Orange Mud Endurance Pack 3.0

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A few cool updates to Orange Muds best selling pack. The new 3.0 has new and improved nylon chest straps that are more rigid compared to the elastic straps on version 2.0. Reflective material has also been added to back of the pack. The drawstring on the front chest pockets is also made out of a more rigid material compared to the shock cord on 2.0. 

Overall, a few awesome adjustments to our best selling pack to make it even more amazing! 

2L Bladder, 4L Cargo

Ideal for Running or Mountain Biking almost any distance

A highly breathable and durable mesh yields maximum heat release in a tough package

4 front pockets and 2 shoulder pockets allow for quick access of your essentials on the fly

Extremely stable on your body providing a "no bounce" fit, perfect for Mountain Biking and Trail Running

OSFA - One Size Fits All


Endurance Pack - Optimum for any distance running or mountain biking. Great for hiking too! Fit is wide open from petite to larger runners/riders/hikers. 

  • Dual Elastic front chest straps with 4 adjustment points per side. This pack fits men and women of all shapes and sizes wonderfully.
  • Front chest pockets, 2 of them, and front shoulder pockets, 2 of them, can hold a ton of essentials close at hand. The shoulder pockets fit an iPhone 6+ in a case wonderfully, same with the chest pockets. You can also put bottles or soft flasks in the front chest pockets. 
  • 70oz bladder comes with a quick disconnect and lock out bite valve. So a big difference with it compared to the bottle based packs. This also allows for 70oz of water on your back, where as the 2 bottle packs limit at 48oz, unless you strap on a third bottle for 72oz total. 
  • 2 Rear cargo compartments allow space for jackets, lights, nutrition and more. The back cargo has a secure zipper with a key clip for your essential items. 
  • Petite runners will appreciate the scalability that will comfortably fit down to very petite runner. 
  • Larger runners will appreciate the deeply cut front pockets that allow more room and arm movement for greater comfort. 


OPTIONAL ADD-ON: The Endurance Pack is a fantastic piece of gear to take you a long ways. But when the weather turns terrible, your gear requirements are larger, or if you just want to have the ability to hold more gear, we have a solution for you. This add on pack creates an additional 4 Liters of storage to the rear of the pack. It attaches via webbing at the top, and through the nylon web at the bottom. It's best for light jackets and layers, not heavy bulky items. 

Additionally, it comes with the shock cord and trekking pole hardware already attached. 

As an added bonus, you're not just adding another pack to your gear, you're creating a pack that can be used for multiple purposes.