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We’re dirty and wild and we’ve got a singletrack mind. We’re a different breed of runner. We don’t like hills... we love them. But we prefer mountains, to be honest. Big ones with singletrack sweeping across their flanks for us to burn our legs up and float down like and an all-terrain Ali butterfly. We’ll run for hours. For days. Some of us even run for months. So long as it’s off boring bitumen, off road and off the scale raw Mother Nature. We’re trailites, trail punks, trail lovers, trail runners and we’re all about bringing the good, gritty and totally dirty side of running to our readership.

We’re not just a magazine, we’re a touchstone for a community of like minded wild men and women looking for their next inspiration to get outside and go running through natural landscapes.

As a committed member of the trail running community in Australasia, Trail Run Magazine is also an advocate for trail running, helping grow the sport via informative, educational, and, most importantly, inspirational coverage of every aspect of the sport of trail running. Featuring trail running features, reviews, events and insights into the lifestyle of trail running - and we believe that it is a lifestyle - our coverage caters to newbie dirt hounds only just discovering their addiction to dirt, through weekend warriors, on to ultra runners and those hardened Zen trail buffs who have traversed off road for eons.