Grateful Miles Journal is a journal for runners (however can be used for any fitness)  which combines both prompted gratitude questions with a running / fitness goal setting component and daily run log.  The journal has been written with three main components with the first being a focus on gratitude. The gratitude section is based on already existing research which experts have found to improve life satisfaction, happiness, mental health and general positivity. Each day the journal has prompted questions to encourage you to think about already existing components of your life. 

The second part is your fitness goal setting. Goal setting gives us purpose, direction, focus and structure to reaching desired goals. This is then reviewed halfway through the journal for users to adjust if required. 

The third main component is a daily fitness log and weekly planning schedule. This section is to record your daily activity /runs for the day, take notes and links back to the positive mindset  encouraging writers to focus on the positive  parts of the training session.