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About Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a market-leading brand that specialises in climbing and skiing gears, apparel, and accessories. Black Diamond hiking poles and Black Diamond headlamps are some of the top-performing climbing products in Australia. Black Diamond climbing products are designed by experts that have the same experiences that athletes and hikers have on rock, ice, and snow and these expert experiences push Black Diamond to develop the top-performing gears possible in Australia and for the worldwide community of climbers and skiers.

Black Diamond began with a backyard has now expanded into a global company with offices on three continents. Black Diamond is not just a climbing and ski company, but a company with values that are destined for the spirit of sports and the goals of the athletes. Since 1957, Black Diamond is innovating climbing and hiking gear with high-performance product designs that have now established the industry standard in various areas. Products such as Black Diamond Trekking Poles and Black Diamond Headlamps are the first choice gears for various trail runners, trekkers, and hikers around Australia. These great achievements are a result of dedication, research, experience, innovation, desire, and diligence on an incredible and highly experienced team of experts in climbing and hiking. Black Diamond products are the best because of the fact that the Black Diamond teams are experienced climbers and skiers themselves.

Black Diamond is a company of users and that's what defines the brand. Black Diamond team members are the greatest dreamers about high achievements and top performance, as well as the harshest of critics for hiking and climbing gears. Because of this, the development of Black Diamond products such as Black Diamond Headlamps and Black Diamond Trekking poles is a continuous process of innovation and improvement.

The Black Diamond team and the brand itself are more committed than ever. The team is based all around the world including many people in the US, Black Diamond Europe, and Black Diamond Australia whose non-stop efforts, limitless energy, expertise, and hands-on involvement have established a promising future for all hikers, trekkers, climbers, and skiers around the world.

Where to Buy Black Diamond Headlamps in Australia?

Black Diamond Headlamps are developed after continuous innovation and rigorous on-field performance testing by our experts. Black Diamond Head Torches are properly tested for night-climbing on various hiking and climbing locations around the world.

Black Diamond Headlamps are purposely developed to offer solutions for night climbing, night trekking, and hikers that are seeking to push the limits with additional climbing time even after the sun goes down. Black Diamond Headlamps such as Black Diamond Astro come with 175 lumens with a super compact design and 100% waterproof body. Black Diamond Head Torch is perfect for trail running, hiking, trekking, and all sort of overnight adventures in the woods, rocks, and trails.

Black Diamond Headlamps compact design is more efficient with great fit and improved balance. Black Diamond Headlamps' user interface includes easy lens switching and selection. Moreover, the new emission efficiency provides brighter light with efficient battery consumption for long-lasting battery life. Black Diamond Head Torch is built with a watertight body that is 100% waterproof. Black Diamond Cosmo and Black Diamond Astro headlamps provide perfect lighting in any night situation whether you need to ride your bike home in the rain, or hiking extra after the sun is set even if there is an unexpected downpour.

Climber and hikers desire for simplicity and robustness when it comes to headlamps with single button architecture that is fully submersible IP67 approved waterproof and dustproof body, meaning Black Diamond Headlamps are completely sealed and won’t be phased if you’re caught out in the rain.

Where to Buy Black Diamond Hiking Poles in Australia?

Black Diamond Trail Hiking Poles are lightweight trekking poles for trails designed for all-season trail running, and hiking versatility. The Black Diamond trekking poles use the terrain-adjusting advantage of Control Shock Technology. The Black Diamond walking poles comes with a quick deploy and collapsable design with the help of Black Diamond SmashLock quick-release technology. The Black Diamond foldable walking stick design is equipped with SmashLock quick-release mechanism that allows you to quickly equip the Black Diamond trekking poles and lock them back to place in a click.

The Black Diamond walking pole new “Control Shock” is located within the hiking pole grip and provides advanced four-stage shock absorption from the terrain that gives a smooth rebound control even on the most rough and rugged trails. The Black Diamond Hiking Poles grip has been redisigned with an updated soft rubber finish that gives a smoother feel, with extra comfort design.

The new Black Diamond trekking poles strap solution pulls the inspiration from Black Diamond harness technology provides better security around the wrist because of the extra surface area that gives a better handling when climbing steep terrains and trails. The new Black Diamond hiking ploes FlickLock Pro adjustability is now lighter, stronger, and easier to use while featuring a more durable, aluminum construction. Interchangeable carbide tech tips offer secure bite on everything from granite slabs to pine duff.

Black Diamond trekking pole brigs the best out of your hiking and trail experience. The Black Diamond Trail Sport 2 trekking pole is the best selling trekking pole that provides a reliable support for hiking, climbing, trekking, and other backpacking adventures and outdoor sports Black Diamond walking pole are super light and extra durable that comes with ultimate adjustability and a comfortable rubber grip with smooth and soft experince that includes ventilation channels for better breathability.

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When it comes to adaptability and versatiloty, the Black Diamond Folding Walking Stick delivers the perfect expereince sutable for all seasons. Black Diamond walking poles comes with upgraded shock absorbing and flexible tip that is suitable for all, walking, hiking and trekking use. Black Diamond Distance Plus FLZ Folding Walking Stick is perfect for any terrain that can seamlessly switch from summertime backcountry rocky trails to deep-winter snow missions.

Black Diamond Folding Walking Stick is also equiped with SlideLock technology-which makes deploying, collapsing, and locking the pole easy with the new FlickLock® technology. Black Diamond Trail Sport 2 trekking pole and Black Diamond Distance Plus FLZ provides exceptional ease-of-use and convenience in the trails. The hiking ploes comes with a dual-density top knob with an EVA foam grip that's comfortable and supportive and webbing that's adjustable so you can dial in the fit on the trail.

Where to Buy Black Diamond Products in Australia?

Black Diamond offers a range of products for trail running that includes various models of the Black Diamond Walking Poles and Hiking Poles. Don't forget to check out other top-performing and best-selling Black Diamond Head Torch and Black Diamond Headlamps. Here at Tribe&Trail, you can shop Black Diamond climbing and hiking products in Australia.