Buy the best products of Altra in Australia

Altra is an American manufacturer company engaged in the design, development, marketing, and sales of athletic shoes for road running, trail running, and general footwear. It is one of the best brands that deals in trail running products in the world as it is ranked 4th in the world in terms of trail running and is among the most popular sports brand. We have put together a superb collection of products from Altra in Australia. 


You can checkout our collection of shoes and other trail running products from Altra running in Australia on our official Tribe&Trail website. Altra mainly focuses on shoes. 'Zero Drop is one of the most popular shoes from Altra in Australia. It is called 'zero drop' because of the the lack of height differential between the shoe's heel and toe area. Golden Harper who was the founder of the company suspected that the height of the heel in most running shoes was too high as compared to the height of the mid-foot or toe. We have made available the best products of Altra running in Australia. He began modifying traditional running shoes by cutting them open, removing padding from the heel, and then using a toaster oven and glue to put the shoes back together. 


Every Altra shoe features a Footshape toe box that is not very wide, but rather shaped like a healthy foot in a sock. All shoe models  have ZeroDrop which means that the heel and toe are designed to be at the same height and are considered best products of Altra running in Australia. They offer both neutral and stability shoes for men and women with a variety of cushion levels. 


The men's version and women's version of each shoe model is built using gender-specific templates to accommodate anatomical differences. Altra calls this Fit4He on the ladies side, and is the only running shoe brand to do a female specific fit line wide.