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T8 - Women's Commando Running Underwear

  • Premium running underwear for women
  • Full 5" in-seam protection with Anti-chafe
  • Designed for maximum comfort by female runners
  • Super light fabric with extra breathability

T8 - Men's Commando Running Underwear

  • Premium running underwear for men
  • Chafe-free with full skin protection
  • Ultra lightweight fabric with quick sweat dry
  • Italian fabric for Maximum comfort
  • Designed by runners for top performance
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T8 - Men's Sherpa Shorts v2

  • Get rid of the backpack and just run
  • Carry all your running essentials
  • New features: Bib holders and key holder
  • Ultra lightweight fabric with 4-way stretch

T8 - Women's Sherpa Shorts v2

  • Super lightweight for road, trail, mountain or mudder
  • Built-in run belt carries your phone, water and gels
  • Now with bib holders and key holder - NEW!
  • Specially tailored women's cut and fit

The official T8 Running retailer, supplier, and wholesaler in Western Australia

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About T8 Australia

T8 is a Hong Kong-based based brand that focuses on making running gear, especially for tropical conditions. T8 also known as typhoon wear is a brand designed to make running shorts, underwear, etc for men and women. The brand has become quiet popular here in Australia and also in other parts of the world. T8 running underwears are designed to be super lightweight for minimal heat insulation. The moisture-wicking material used in the shorts or underwear keeps the sweat out for longer periods and has quick-drying technology. The material is also super breathable to provide maximum airflow.

Trail runners who run in tropical regions with a high humidity level need running gear with excellent drying properties to keep the sweat out. At T8, the goal is to provide ultralight, supercool, chafe-free products for a great running experience even in the toughest of conditions. T8 products are also great for daily casual wear. All the T8 products like the T8 commando running underwear, shorts are extensively tested by T8's awesome beta testing crew on ultra runs in the toughest conditions. You can shop from a variety of T8 running products from our Tribe&Trail website, which is the official distributor of T8 products in Perth, Western Australia.

T8 Commando Running Underwear

T8 commando running underwear is premium underwear specially designed for long-lasting runs. The material used to make the underwear is guaranteed chafe-free and ultralight to provide maximum comfort to the runners. The clothing material of the running underwear has moisture-wicking properties and dries out very quickly. The fact that these running underwear are designed by runners themselves, gives the surety that all the factors like endless materials, sewing patterns, design tweaks, construction techniques, etc that influence running comfort were carefully considered.

These running underwear have also been tested by runners themselves. Running underwear shows its true colors after a 10 km run. The t8 running underwear has been tested extensively by both male and female runners and the underwear has been up to the mark. The Italian fabric used to make the T8 commando running underwear gives the feel as if they are barely there. T8 commando running underwear for both men and women are available at Tribe&Trail the official distributor of T8 products in Perth, Western Australia.

T8 Sherpa Shorts V2

T8 sherpa shorts v2 are made with super light fabric with a 4-way stretch. A major advantage of the T8 sherpa shorts is that it comes with integrated running belt pockets to stash your phone, water, gels, rainjacket, and more. The running belt allows you to run freely without having to feel the burden of a backpack on your back. You can easily run up to 50 km with the T8 sherpa shorts without having to carry a backpack. The running belt fits in the running essentials nicely for a bounce-free run.

T8 Sherpa shorts v2 also has a new feature in the form of bib holders and key holders. You can order the T8 sherpa shorts v2 for both men and women from the Tribe&Trail website, the official distributor of T8 products in Western Australia. T8 sherpa shorts for women are specially tailored according to a women's cut and fit. The material used in the sherpa shorts v2 is very lightweight and has moisture-wicking properties to keep the shorts dry for longer periods of time. The running shorts also have breathable material to allow maximum airflow. You can also buy the T8 3D Washable Max O2 running mask, T8 Boco technical trucker, T8 iced t-shirts for men and women, and T8 neck gaiters from the Tribe&Trail website, the official distributor of T8 products in Western Australia.

T8 Core Values

Global warming is real and we all need to make changes, which will collectively help to save the natural environment. At t8 the goal is to strive to minimize waste, including re-using of shipment boxes at least twice. We started our RERUN program to repair and refurbish secondhand Sherpa Shorts for Hong Kong refugee rehabilitation-via-sport charity, RUN. All T8 packaging is designed to be minimal We avoid using glossy printing and instead use recyclable materials like kraft cards, recycled tag pins, and petroleum-free compostable poly bags that are certified EU EN 13432 and US ASTM6400.

Whereever possible, we use recycled materials in our products, like recycled polyester microfibre (from PET bottles) in our neck gaiters. Our Sherpa Shorts and Commandos fabrics are certified, so free from harmful substances. As a smaller company with fewer resources and supplier options, it's not easy, but we all need to do what we can to save the natural environment.

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Tribe&Trail is the official T8 Running retailer, supplier, and wholesaler in Western Australia.