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Durable and Long Lasting Battery Life

Dead GPS fitness watches are the thing of the past. With Coros Apex premium multi-sport watch, there is no need to constantly charge your GPS watch. Apex watches are built to last longer than your training and workout. Don't worry during your outdoor activities and enjoy your trail running and hiking stress free. The new UltraMax setting is best for camping and hiking activities because the all-new Coros Apex battery is smartly designed to last up to 100 hours while using GPS. 


Premium Multisport Design

Transform from work-mode to sport-mode instantly with Coros Apex GPS watch. The new intelligent design and built for multisport activities allows you to easily switch between different sports activities and training. The stylish new design using titanium alloy body and stainless steel bezel gives GPS fitness watch a strong and tough finish. The sapphire glass on the Coros Apex GPS watch provides extreme protection that is ready to perform in any Australian environment and climate. 

Strong, Stylish, and Simple

Toggling between apps, using the GPS fitness watches with traditional buttons and touch screens can be overwhelming and frustrating especially during sports activities or when you are in a middle of a workout. The Coros Apex GPS premium multisport watches come with a digital knob, that allows you to easily navigate and toggle between the different screens and apps and allowing you to focus on your training and keep up the momentum.

Prevent Potential Injury with Efficient Training

Training correctly and efficiently can help you avoid potential injuries, therefore, it is very important that you are fully aware of your physical conditions. Coros Apex GPS sports watch allows you to track your training activities accurately. It tracks and analyses your overall training effort and brake it down into two important physical performance metrics. The “stamina level” on the scale of 0-100 and the “training effect” on the scale of 0-6. If any of the factors are out of control, COROS Trainer will notify you instantly and reminds you to take a rest. Based on the training activity history and the training effort, Coros Trainer will offer you information about the recovery window and intervals before you start your next training activity.

Navigation Tracker

Coros Apex fitness watches are equipped with strong GPS systems and advanced tracking and navigation features, Coros Apex GPS watch can be your best gear when you need to know your location and need help with directions. It is one of the best gear for trail runners and hikers because the traveled routes are updated and displayed on the screen. The tracked route can also be used as a bread crumb trail. The Smart Coros Apex GPS fitness watch provides you with real-time information and helps you get back on course.


The Best Running Companion Powered By Smart Learning Stride Length

Introducing COROS' very own, Intelligent Stride Algorithm. This unique algorithm for the Apex GPS smartwatch is powered by artificial intelligence at its core. The algorithm tracks your activities and records your personal range of motion while running. The AI technology builds your very own stride model using machine learning. It learns your running habits and offers also you valuable information like

-  Areas of a weak GPS signal (such as tunnels).

 - Estimate Running Distance And

 - Track When GPS Is Weak Or Lost

Your Complete Training Guide

Based on a unique algorithm with lactate threshold, VO2 Max, and HR, the COROS Trainer dials-in your running training every day. Using your personal historical data along with metrics from your latest activity, such as pace, distance and HR - COROS Trainer will calculate a perceived effort and recommend a time for a full recovery.

Advanced Training Analysis

After finishing up your workout and training session, the Coros Apex GPS will give you a complete report of your training session with graphical analysis. Our COROS App also provides you with important data and information including recovery advice, last-7 days training overview, threshold pace, personal fitness index, and so much more. With Coros Apex Premium Multisport GPS Watch you are always aware of your fitness level with the most accurate report of your physical condition.