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What is a hydration bladder or water bladder for camping?

Water bladders also known as “hydration bladders” are one of the most important pieces of the hydration system for running and hiking. It allows you to carry a significant amount of water for your camping and hiking trips without wasting any extra space or adding on the extra weight of carrying a bottle or a water flask.

You would often hear various names such as water bladders, hydration bladders, and even hydration reservoirs. These are all pretty much the same and serve the same purpose, but there can be slight differences in terms of looks, size, and durability.

hydration bladders are soft but durable plastic containers that store water. Since water bladders for hiking and camping are made from soft and flexible plastic, they are quite squishy and can fit easily into hydration backpacks or your normal hiking backpack without taking up any precious space.

Most of the hiking and camping water bladders come with a flexible drinking tube that allows hikers and runners to drink water directly from the hydration bladder without reaching their backpacks. This also allows you to focus on your trail and doesn't disturb your running.

This means, with a hydration bladder, you don't need to stop in between again and again whenever you need to hydrate and waste time reaching out to your backpack and getting your water bottle.

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Benefits of Hydration Bladders

Here are some benefits of water bladders for camping and hiking

Easy to Stay Hydrated

With the help of the drinking tube that is attached to the water bladders, you can remain hydrated any time while running or hiking. You no longer have to stop your running or hiking and find your bottle from your backpack to drink water. You can just reach out to the tube and get hydrated water from the hydration bladder and continue running.

Efficient Space Utilisation

Hydration reservoirs or water bladders for hiking and camping are made of soft and squishy plastic (yet quite durable) that can easily fit into your bag or a hydration vest/backpack. Therefore it takes the minimum space possible to carry a significant amount of water. It also doesn't add any extra weight to your shoulders.


With a small size and lightweight, water bladders doest add any extra weight to your shoulders. It also prevents the problem of leakage and damage due to the constant moving of stuff in your bag when you run. Moreover, hydration reservoirs balance the weight of water by evenly spreading the water in the water bladder.

In a nutshell, hikers and trail runners who use water bladders for camping and hiking can carry a significant amount of water quite comfortably. Moreover, drinking water from the hydration tube makes it convenient for hikers to stay hydrated without stopping or taking unnecessary breaks. Therefore, water bladders or hydration reservoirs are essential gear for camping and hiking.