Partners & Sponsors

Partners & Sponsors

Discover the world of hiking and trail running with Tribe&Trail, Western Australia's only dedicated trail running and hiking store. Specializing in sports clothing, running footwear, hydration, nutrition, and top-tier trail gear, we are your ultimate companion for exhilarating outdoor escapades. 

Tribe&Trail partners with various trail running and ultra-running events for running and hiking enthusiasts in Australia. Our dynamic community draws runners from all across the country, converging to embrace the challenge of remarkable events. Beyond the finish line, our community unites to share tales of triumph, cultivating connections that embody teamwork, health, adventure, and personal growth. 

Our Partners

Great Southern Stage Run

Experience the remarkable Great Southern Stage Run—an awe-inspiring 200-kilometer off-road journey that takes you through Western Australia's captivating landscapes. Following the renowned Bibbulmun Track. With each leg of the race, you'll uncover new vistas and encounter diverse terrains, from the Valley of the Giants in Walpole to the Torndirrup Peninsula at Albany.

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T8 Running

T8 is a Hong Kong-based based brand that focuses on making running gear, especially for tropical conditions. Renowned for their range of running underwear, shorts, and garments, T8 has garnered significant popularity in Australia. Tribe&Trail is the official retailer and distributor of T8 products in Western Australia.

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The Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to offering assistance in the administration, upkeep, and promotion of the Bibbulmun Track. In this pursuit, Tribe&Trail stands as a proud collaborator, extending crucial aid to ensure the continuous sustainability, superior quality, and global prominence of the Bibbulmun Track as a remarkable long-distance hiking trail.

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Partnerships Available

At Tribe&Trail, we forge partnerships with running brands and events and help them make a significant impact. Our flourishing community and steadfast customer base create an ideal opportunity for partners to showcase products, elevate brand presence, and contribute to the value we provide. 

We partner with various brands to extend our expertise to retail and distribution, propelling brands to newfound heights in Western Australia. Let's explore the synergies between your vision and ours. 

Reach out to Wayne McMurtrie at to embark on a partnership journey that echoes your aspirations. Thank you.