Sports Bra for Running

Best Sports Bra for Running and Hiking

While running it is very important to support your breast properly as it could lead to unwanted results. With the advancements in research and technology, it has now been confirmed just how important sports bras are for running. While running a woman's breast moves 9.08 cm with every stride according to the SASI research. 

The unsupported movement could lead to the stretching of Cooper's ligament. The strain could create a downward bulging of the breast and make its tissues weaker. That's why it is important to wear a sports bra for running. You can buy a running bra from Tribe&Trail collection. We have all the different types of fit for you to choose from. 

How to find the best fit in a sports bra for running?

If you are someone who has never worn a sports bra for running before, you can choose to go with your usual bra size. As a beginner, that would not create any hustle. But you can still keep exploring the different bra sizes until you find a perfect fit. You can buy a running bra from our collection of sports bras. We have made all the different sizes of sports bras available. Different brands differ in sizes, so you should try out different brand sizes to find the perfect fitting and then buy the running bra for yourself. 

If the back band is at the same level all the way round, then that means that the bra is a perfect fit for your body. If the back band goes upwards then it means the size is bigger. A perfect fit sports bra should not be able to fit more than the space of a finger. Also, if you wear a sports bra for running and start to have difficulty while breathing, then the bra is too tight. Always keep these signs in mind, when you buy a running bra.

Features to look out for in sports bra for running

Importance of Cups

Sports bra for running must have cups to support each breast. Cups provide that extra support that is needed while running. It protects the breast tissues from the lower bulging. Always ensure a good sports bra fit by measuring your bust size and the fitting around your rib cage. If the cups get wrinkles when you wear them, that means the bra is of a bigger size. 

Proper Bands and Panels

Before buying running bras, always make sure that the bands and panels properly fit you. The bottom bands in the bra support your breast while the sideband ensures zero gapings. If you are able to pull your sports bra from the center to half an inch, then you have found a perfect fit, otherwise, look for other options. 

Soaking Wick

Always choose a sports bra for running which is made up of moisture-wicking material. While working out, the body sweats a lot and it can lead to unwanted rashes. A soaking wick material ensures that the bra remains moisture-free for longer times.

Low Impact and High Impact Bra

Buy both a low-impact bra and a high-impact bra. For yoga sessions buy a running bra that is low in impact and when you have to do weight training or you are going for a run, always choose a high impact bra. Both are very important for different situations.