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If you are a trail running enthusiast or someone who is new to this sport one thing you cannot compromise with is your trail running gear. The gears are so comfortable and worry-free that it helps you focus on the run, the scenery, the race competition or even nothing at all. Some of the most essential running gear are t-shirts, hydration packs, shoes, sunglasses, hats, GPS watches, headlamps. You can check out our collection of best running gear in Australia. You can find the best collection of trail running gear for men and trail running gear for women. 


Hydration packs are designed primarily to transport water and make drinking convenient and efficient. It should also hold all your equipment without getting in your way when you are running. A hydration pack is a must trail running gear for men and women. Hydration packs are a very essential part of both running gears for men and running gear for women. They are also very popular running gear in Australia. There are three general types of packs :

1. Hydration backpacks are very popular in running gear in Australia because they provide the most storage capacity. They are a good choice for a run that requires extra clothing and lots of gear. nearly every backpack accommodates a hydration reservoir.

2. Hydration vests tend to be a bit lower profile than a backpack. Designed to fit snugly into your body. Feature more pockets on the front of the shoulder to hold water bottles. A lot of the vests also accommodate a hydration reservoir. 

3. Hydration belts are generally used for shorter distances and typically offer more storage than a handheld bottle. An advantage is that these belts will keep your hands free in sections that require scrambling or to catch a fall if you lose your footing.


Whether you are a beginner or an elite trail runner the single most important factor to your success is the choice of your shoe. It does not matter if we talk about running gear for men or running gear for women, trail running shoes are a must-have running gear in Australia and all over the world. 

1. Shoes designed for road running are generally made of lightweight material to encourage speed and responsiveness. The need for grip on             paved roads is minimal, so the thread of road shoes is thin.

2. Trail running shoes are traditionally heavier and designed to support and protect the foot on rugged terrain. The sole of the shoe is more durable with a more aggressive tread pattern. This helps in defending against rocks, sticks, and other obstacles one might encounter on a trail run. That is why they are suitable running gear for women and men.

3. You can find different types of trail shoes to chose from the light trail, rugged trail, off-trail in running gear for men, and running gear for women. These are available in running gear for men and running gear for women. If you run regularly then the average life expectancy is about four to six months which is another way of saying that the alternatives to try different shoes won't be far off.


You might be thinking that why do I need trail running clothes, why can't I wear what's in my closet or the running clothes that I normally wear? Running on mountains and other terrains is completely different from the normal runs you have. 

Runners have to be prepared to deal with abrupt weather changes, sweating, etc. That's why trail running clothing is exclusively designed to meet the demands of the routes you take. They keep away the moisture from your body and maintain body temperature in excessive weather conditions. That’s why they are very popular running gear in Australia. 

The clothing in running gear for men includes Rain jackets that act as protection against the weather. Look for a jacket that is lightweight, waterproof, has some level of breathability  'T-shirts' its fabric absorbs sweat and guarantees good air circulation. In running gear for women, there are sports bras, tops, and tees. Pants, shorts, and tights: it depends on your preference and weather conditions whether you like pants or shorts. 

Running tights act as a protection against grazing your legs and are useful for cold weather. In running gear for women, there is also an overskirt leading to a more feminine look. Running socks protect your feet from rocks and keep away the moisture from your body. Check out the collection of trail running gear in Australia.




A GPS watch can come in handy when you are venturing onto an unmarked trail. There are different watches with a unique range of features, from pinpointing your location to monitoring your distance. you will be able to keep track of your speed and pace and how many calories you have burned. lookout for watches that are durable and have 12+ hours of battery life. 

Sunglasses help in protecting the eyes from UV rays and dirt. look for glasses that are lightweight, have great optics, and fit comfortably without a movement. take a glance at these accessories in our collection.




You need a source of light when it gets dark on a trail run. The best option is a headlamp as you don't have to carry it in your hand. in some long trails or races, it is compulsory to carry a headlamp. Headlamps and poles are essential trail running gear for men and women. Before buying look for one that is waterproof and fits perfectly on your head. 


Trail running poles help you save energy when running up steep uphills. they also help make the uphills feel less hard. running poles also offer good traction, stability, and speed so a lot of trail runners are turning towards it.