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Best Bottom Wears and Running Shorts for Women

Running shorts for women are very important in the sense that they have a direct impact on your running performance. There are features you must consider before buying a running short. Running shorts for women are designed keeping in mind the requirement of the runners, especially in the case of female runners. Girls bottom wear is specially designed to fit over their hips and thighs. Running shorts for women have a bit more room in the thigh and hip area. It depends on personal preference as well as the running style of women, as to which type of shorts to choose. 

Features to look for in the best running shorts for women

The moment you get to know that certain features of girls’ bottom wear impact your running in ways you can't even imagine, you would become more observant while choosing your running shorts. These features enhance your running experience as well as improve your running performance. 

Some of the important features are mentioned here which will help you choose your running shorts accordingly. These features may vary from person to person. 

Length of the Running Shorts

Your preferred length of running shorts for women depends on factors like temperature, place of running, and duration of running. In colder temperatures, full-length shorts are a necessity. The length also depends upon the place of running, whether you are running in a forest or bushy areas or you are running on naked roads. In forest or bushy areas longer women’s running shorts protects your feet from cuts and bruises while during road running half-length running shorts are more comfortable. This is a very important feature to consider before choosing a girl's bottom wear. 


Liners are one of the most important feature found in girls’ bottom wear and runing shorts for women. The lightweight and breathable material used in the liner helps to keep away the moisture from your body. Liners also prevent your skin from chaffing or rashes, which are caused because of moisture. You can check out the collection of best-running shorts for women at Tribe&Trail. 


When it comes to longer distance trail running, you may need a women running short which has storage features to keep your essentials like a phone, gels, protein bars, etc. Zippered pockets help you stay hands-free during your run. On short-distance running, you can go for minimal shorts with little to no storage.