Best Women's Trail Running Shoe in 2022
Posted by on 8th Mar 2022

Best Women's Trail Running Shoe in 2022

The Best Women's Trail Running Shoes in 2022

One question that often arises in the mind of many runners is that do I need trail running shoes? If you are someone who loves challenges and are looking to swap pavements, then a good pair of trail running shoes always make the difference. It's important to find a trail runner for women that suits your needs. There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while buying trail shoes for women.

Most Important Features in Women’s Trail Running Shoe

Comfort and Fit

When it comes to the fit of the trail shoes, what works for others may not work out for you. So always choose trail runners for women that fit your foot shape perfectly and generally have a larger toe box and enough cushioning. At Tribe&Trail you can choose from a variety of women’s trail running shoes in Australia. We have a collection of trail shoes for women chosen from some of the best brands available in the market. You can choose your fit and the amount of cushioning you need in your trail shoe.


Although there are many affordable options in trail shoes for women, we believe that you must not sacrifice comfort or protection for a little less amount of many. The priority should always be to buy the best trail runners for women. Price should be considered but should never be the deciding factor while buying trail shoes for women. You should always look out for value in your tail shoe.

Durability and Material

The most durable trail runners for women are those with reinforced mesh in the upper and firmer lugs on the sole. Never compromise durability for a lighter weight shoe. You will often run on technical terrains where durability matters a lot. Trail runners made with durable materials last for a long time.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

Traditionally it was believed that a decrease in height from the heel to the toe, increases your running and walking efficiency. Now modern trail runners for women have a zero heel-to-toe drop which means that the heel and toe area is at the same distance from the ground. Because now it is believed that a zero-drop trail shoe provides better balance and a more natural gait while performing trail runs.

Waterproof Vs Non-Waterproof

Waterproof trail runners for women are a lifesaver in wet conditions. They protect your feet from blisters and rashes. But the downside of waterproof trail shoes is that they are not very breathable and can get heavy. Although Non-waterproof shoes get wet very easily but are very breathable and quick to dry. 

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What are The Best Trail Runners for Women’s shoes in 2022?

Dynafit Feline SL

Buy Dynafit Feline SL for Women

Dynafit Feline SL is considered to be one of the best women’s trails running shoes in Australia and all over the world as well. The shoe is perfect for a long-distance run, as it is durable and provides maximum comfort to the feet while running. The upper of the shoe is breathable and it has a heavy-built toe bumper. The durable outsole is sticky which makes the Dynafit feline SL perfect for those long trail runs. Although the narrow fit of the shoe may not suit everyone, you must be careful with the sizing and fit.

Dynafit Feline SL's protective upper, hard-toe cap, and plentiful cushioning in the heel make it one of the most protective trail shoes for women out there. The 8mm heel-to-toe drop is suitable for both heel strikers and midfoot strikers. The cushioning level is surprisingly lower than many protective trail shoes out there. The outsole of the shoe is made up of heavy rubber composite and a rigid sole that protects the feet from any kind of shocks. The toe cap has rubber bumpers to minimize the impact of shocks and though the forefoot has less padding, it still ensures some protection. This makes the Dynafit Feline SL, one of the most perfectly balanced comfortable, and sensitive women’s trail running shoes in Australia and all over the world.

The shoe has amazing traction, one of the best seen in any trail shoe for women. Built with Dynafit's POMOCA rubber, which is sticky and does well on almost any terrain. The shoe has many large chevron-shaped lugs, 5mm in depth, for optimal mud, shed, and traction on any type of surface to furthermore improve the traction. If you are someone who loves to run on technical ridges or muddy terrain, then the Dynafit Feline SL trail shoe for women is just perfect for you. For long and challenging trail runs, Dynafit Feline SL is the best trail runner for women. Although the trail shoe has an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, still it surprises many trail runners with its level of stability.

Altra Lone Peak 6

Buy Altra Lone Peak for Women

Altra continues to produce quality trail runners for women and men. And with the new Altra lone Peak 6, it is ready to conquer the market once again. A redesigned upper for a more streamlined and locked-down fit. The Altra Lone Peak 6 has a comfortable and versatile foam to provide trail runners with a smooth running experience. The weight of the Altra Lone Peak 6 trail shoe for women is 8.9 oz (size 8). In the Altra Lone Peak 6 trail shoe, the stack height of the heel and the forefoot is 26 mm and it has a 0mm heel-to-toe offset. The underfoot of the shoe does not have a very tall midsole, but the Altra Ego foam makes it very much resilient. The shoe has just an adequate amount of cushioning in both the front foot and the heel to last on very long trail runs. The shoe's flexibility makes it one best women's trail running shoes in Australia.

The customizable lacing system gives provides a secure fit to women trail runners. Altra Lone Peak 6 trail shoe for women also has a MaxTrack outsole to provide traction and prevent any mishaps while running. The MaxTrack outsole is aggressive enough to get you through mud and technical terrain and versatile enough to easily transition to hard-packed trails and even the road sections on your route. Overall it is one of the best trail shoes for women currently available in the market. The wide toe box provides a lot of room for your foot. Sometimes the Altra Lone Peak 6 makes you feel as if it is an extension of your foot. The shoe is also versatile enough to be called a trail-to-road shoe. The shoe has a perfect balance between comfort and sensitivity. At Tribe&Trails we have made available a collection of the women's best trail running shoes in Australia. The Altra lone Peak 6 trail shoe for women is also available in different colors and sizes.

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2

Buy Topo Ultraventure 2 for Women

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 offers a protective and comfortable ride to trail runners whether women or men. But still, it is one of the best women’s trail running shoes in Australia. It is an ideal choice for those trail runners, who prefer a wide and voluminous toe box with a lot of underfoot protection. The 5 mm heel-to-toe drop offers extra protection for both forefoot and heel strikers. In comparison to the Altra Lone Peak 6, Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 offers more cushioning in the heel and through the midsole. Apart from this, both trail shoes for men and women are quite similar in other aspects.

The thick midsole is pronounced, with 25mm at the forefoot and 30mm at the heel. Even without the rock plate, the Topo Athletic Ultraventure trail shoe for women does great on technical terrains. There is a gaiter eyelet to attach gaiters in order to prevent any debris from getting inside the shoe. The multi-layered mesh dries out in about 20 minutes in temperatures around 60 degrees. The mesh also does a great job of draining out the water. The trail shoe has Vibram XS Trek EVO rubber which is very sticks, thus providing traction on almost any terrain. The lugs are 6mm in depth with an adequate amount of spacing. The lug tops are flat and smooth to offer a hassle-free ride on rocky or hard surfaces. Some of these have made this trail shoe the best women’s trail running shoe in Australia.

Although the Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 trail shoe for women lacks a rock plate which helps a little with sensitivity, the stack of 3 pieces of Eva foam provides an adequate amount of cushioning while running. The stable construction and the wider toe box provide a lot of balance on uneven terrains. A microfiber belt in the new upper connects the midfoot to the heel for a better fitting heel. You can buy these women’s trail running shoes in Australia at Tribe&Trail.

Altra Superior 5

Buy Altra Superior 5 for Women

One of Altra's more affordable trail shoes for women, the Altra Superior 5 is a very comfortable zero-drop trail runner for women. And this newest version 5 is the best version of the Altra Superior series. Things that make the Altra Superior 5 one of the best women’s trail running shoes in Australia and all over the world are its affordability and the minimalistic built of trail shoe Altra Superior 5 is the best women’s trail running shoes in Australia when it comes to sensitivity and flexibility. This shoe comes with a removable StoneGuard insert that gets placed underneath the insole. Although it increases foot protection, still many trail runners prefer to run without it.

If you prefer to run shorter trails at high speeds, then the Altra Superior 5 trail shoes for women are your go-to running partner. The upper mesh is thick and tear-resistant and is also resistant to abrasion. The toe bumper is a hard piece of plastic that can take a blow without bruising the toes. Apart from the sensitivity, this shoe also provides a lot of stability. The zero-drop feature that sits very close to the ground makes the Altra Superior 5 one of the best women’s trail running shoes in Australia. The forefoot of this trail shoe is relatively wide which allows the shoe to spread out as it lands.

Altra Timp 3

Buy Altra Timp 3 for Women

The Altra Timp 3 has proven to be the best trail runner for women. The shoe has phenomenal balance and is exactly in the middle of the beefier Olympus and the streamlined Lone Peak. The trail shoes for women weigh 8.1 oz. (230 g) for a US 8.0 and has a 0mm drop just like other trail shoes of Altra. The shoe is built to last on the longest trails and the toughest terrains. From its previous version, the Altra Timp 3 has been made more versatile.

The same tacky MaxTrac outsole and midsole provide loads of comfort over a variety of terrains. MaxTrac rubber is grippy on a variety of surfaces but the real benefit comes from its strategically placed lugs. The lugs provide optimal grip and traction on a variety of terrains. Sometimes a question arises among many trail runners Can you run in these trail shoes on the road? The answer is yes you absolutely can. The quantity midsole in this trail shoe for women is a bit more firm than other Altra trail running shoes. You can buy the Altra Timp 3 women trail running shoes in Australia at a reasonable price from Tribe&Trail.

INOV-8 TrailFly G270

But INOV-8 TrailFly G270 for Women

The first ever trail shoe to be made with a graphene-enhanced foam material in the midsole. This innovation has made the trail shoe more durable. The unique thing about the graphene material is that it is the thinnest material used in a trail shoe and is also 200 times stronger than other materials used in a trail runner.

This material has helped INOV-8 design a more durable, stronger and flexible trail runners for women. INOV-8 is the only brand in the world that uses this material to make trail shoe. Trailfly G270 is INOV-8’s one of the most popular shoes. INOV-8 has successfully used graphene in the outsole and midsole of the trail shoe. Trailfly G270 is a more responsive trail shoe for women than other trail running shoes.

The shoe is extremely soft and comfortable, which makes it one of the most suited trail runners for women. The 4mm studs and deep flex provide excellent grip on uneven terrain. The 10 mm deep Adapter-Flex goes well in the outsole and the midsole. Overall the INOV-8 TrailFly G270 is one of the best women trail running shoe in Australia. You can easily perform your long distance runs with this trail shoe.