Bridgedale Trail Run Lightweight T2 Merino Socks - Women's

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Bridgedale Trail Run Lightweight T2 Merino Socks - Women's


  • Bridgedale were the first to offer a true Women's Fit sock. Women’s styles are slimmer fitting, have bespoke sizing, and adapted toe box and heel cup areas.
  • A world first yarn, LYCRA Dry is an innovative yarn that helps bring long-lasting fit with the comfort of dry feet.
  • Supportive compression from the cuff through the arch improves Proprioception (joint position awareness) around the ankle and mid foot aiding stability and improving balance.
  • Zero debris cuff is an extended, close-fitting cuff to prevent debris entering the sock.
  • Reinforced toe box to avoid splits holes & blow outs when descending.
  • Wide and un-restrictive, a natural toe box allows toes to splay naturally.
  • Bridgedale’s open mesh structure reduces insulation and promotes easy moisture transportation.
  • ShockZone: an advanced zonal padding system that provides extra support and comfort to areas of the foot and leg.
  • T2: a loop within a loop that offers an additional level of impact protection resulting in all day long comfort.
  • Thermo setting every Bridgedale sock ensures a perfect fit. Wash after wash the sock returns to its designed size ensuring a perfect fit every time.
  • Moisture management system allows the transfer of moisture away from the surface of the skin to keep feet warm, dry and comfortable.
  • An almost invisible toe seam closes the toe box, creating a comfortable, flat seam that doesn't create excess bulk or cause irritation.
  • Y-heel creates a 3D-shaped heel cup that prevents excess bulk and slippage which helps to ensure comfort.


  • S: 35-37;
  • M: 38-40;
  • L: 41-43
  • Women's Fit
  • Overfoot Ventilation
  • Shock Zones
  • Anti-Shock Cushioning
  • Sport Fit
  • Zero Debris Cuff
  • Toe Guard
  • Natural Toe Spread