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About Kailas

Kailas is an activewear brand specialising in running shoes, trekking and climbing gears, apparel, and accessories. Kailas was founded in China, in 2003. Kailas is widely known as the most technical and innovative outdoor company in China. Kailas trail running shoes are one of the top-performing running shoes in the market. Kailas Australia is committed to providing outdoor and running enthusiasts with high-performance and ultra-light products that help them run faster, climb higher, and trek further.

Kailas product team primarily focuses on innovation. Kailas products including Kailas Trail Running Shoes have won ISPO Award, Asia Outdoor Industry Award, Europe Outdoor Industry Award, and much more. Shop Kailas trail running shoes in Australia and no doubt Kailas Australia will be your next favourite trail running shoe brand like many trail enthusiasts before

Kailas Kailas - Brand Story and Brand Value

The brand name “Kailas” comes from the name of the holy Tibetan mountain Kailash. The mountain is a sacred destination of religious pilgrimage. Every year thousands of religious pilgrims make the journey to sacred Mount Kailash, just like how their ancestors did, following the traditions from thousands of years.

The rough terrain, difficult climb, high altitude, and harsh weather conditions all together contribute to the challenges faced during the pilgrimage, but those who choose to take it on remain undeterred. Kailas is inspired by the will to complete the difficult spiritual journey. It reflects the value of overcoming challenges and expresses human’s search for freedom, which is the value, philosophy, and passion the Kailas lives by.

Kailas Trail Running Shoes

For 12 years, the Kailas primarily focused on the high altitude gears and accessories, sponsoring athletes in the mountain niche. Kailas developed high-quality technical gear like for mountains and ice climbing. In 2016, Kailas entered the running niche and made its debut into the trail running world. Kailas Trail Running Shoes collection started with the first version of the Kailas Fuga trail running shoe. Only two years later the brand had a fully-fledged Kailas trail running shoes and other product lines in the trail and road running niche. Shop Kailas Products in Australia including Kailas trail running shoes, gears, and apparel at Tribe&Trail online store.

Where to buy Kailas Products in Australia?

Kailas Australia shoe lineup now consists of a range of Kailas trail running shoes that includes various models of the Kailas Fuga Running Shoe. The top-performing and best-selling Kailas Fuga Pro 3, is considered to be one of the best all-around trail running shoes. Here at Tribe&Trail you can shop Kailas Trail Running Shoes and other products of Kailas in Australia.