Coros Keychain Watch Charging Cable

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Keep your Coros Smartwatch powered as soon as you're out of battery with the ultra-convenient Coros Keychain Watch Charger - plug it in and charge your GPS multisport watch instantly!

  • Compatible with COROS PACE 2/APEX/ APEX 2/ Apex Pro/ APEX 2 Pro/VERTIX & VERTIX 2
  • Compact design to be attached to your keys and charge on-the-go
  • Stays extra snug when plugged into your watch
  • Convenient universal USB port
  • Built-In voltage control chip
  • May not work on certain quick charge adapters due to high voltage
  • Charging directly from your computer is recommended
  • Clean the charging cable and the charging port on your watch regularly to avoid charging issue


There is nothing worse than going jogging and realizing your GPS running smartwatch battery died. Or maybe you were headed to a meeting but forgot that your smartwatch does not have enough charge to support you throughout the day. These are real problems solved with Coros Keychain Watch Charger. Never worry about losing power again because this nifty little device can save the day when your head could be in big trouble! Made from anodized aluminum, it also does a mean job at keeping your keys handy without weighing them down too much or sparking unsightly scratches in its wake. Quick charge without the usual hassle? You got it, buddy!