Tribe & Trail Emergency Blanket

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Tribe & Trail Emergency Blanket

The Emergency Blanket is a must-have for trail running, hiking, marathons, travel first aid kits, camping & outdoors, in your bug out bag, car survival kit, survival gear and more. first aid kit.

Constructed of 12um MPET material that is tear resistant, waterproof and windproof, to keep you dry and warm in damp, wet, rainy, and downright cold environments.

It keeps you warm in a crisis by reflecting your body heat, making it useful in many situations. It’s windproof, waterproof, and fits in your pocket. 


  • Critical survival equipment for emergencies
  • Instant protection from wind, rain and cold
  • Stretch resistant aluminised polyester
  • Reflects body heat back to the body
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Size: 130 x 210cm
  • Weight 50g
  • Can help prevent hypothermia by holding body heat in
  • Can also be used as a ground sheet, tarp, gear storage bag or a distress signal