Best Women's Rain Jacket in Australia

If you are someone who loves to go on a trail run in rainy or extreme weather conditions, you would definitely need a rain jacket. It makes the trail running experience a great one in this kind of weather. But it can cost you a few hundred bucks, so you must invest carefully. You need to do thorough research about the cloth fabric, fit, and degree of protection from water, before buying a women's rain jacket. You can choose from our collection of the best women's rain jackets n Australia. We have made available a variety of the best women's rain jackets from different brands with different kinds of fits.

Water protection in women's rain jackets

If a jacket is waterproof, then you can expect it to be very reliable when it comes to keeping the water out during heavy rainfall. Water-resistant jackets are dry only when there is a light shower of rain. If the fabric material of the jacket is waterproof and breathable as well, then it will not only protect your body from getting in contact with rainwater but also keep the inside of the jacket moisture-free.

A water-resistance women's rain jacket is breathable, but it only works during light rainfall and that too for a brief period of time. If you simply need to keep the rain out while sitting or standing around, a waterproof/non- breathable jacket works fine and also costs very little money. We have an awesome collection of women's rain jackets in Australia, from which you can choose a jacket according to your fit and comfort.

Types of Weather Shells in Women Jackets

It’s a word that focuses on the fabric make up more than the garment style. It is very important to be familiar with shell layers as it is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right jacket for women.

Hardshell Jackets

This is an alternative term for waterproof/breathable gear. Fabrics in hard shells are tighter than those in soft shells. Because the clothing material is not insulated, so the base layer is where the warmth will come from.

Soft Shell Jackets

This type of shell has an insulating layer with a water-resistant shell. Midlayer and an outer layer both need to have a single piece serving. . This type of shell focuses more on making the jacket more breathable rather than protecting the body from rain, wind, and cold. Softshells are best for high-exertion activities, where perspiration is the greater concern. A feature in softshell which is rarely found in hard shells is that it has excellent flexibility.

Hybrid Shell Jackets

This term gets applied to a variety of constructions. In a soft/hard-shell combo, more waterproof and windproof fabrics might be on the front and top, while the more breathable, flexible fabric is on the sides, back, and underneath sleeves. Or you might find a traditional soft or hardshell with a more durable fabric on its outer face or in high-wear areas.

Insulated Jackets

Typically filled with down or synthetic fill for warmth, most puffy jackets are also water-resistant and breathable. If the jacket has a waterproof/breathable fabric, then you enjoy an elevated level of protection. It has to be seam-sealed, though, to be considered fully waterproof.

Features of Women's Rain Jacket

Seam Taping

In order for a jacket to be fully waterproof, it important that the jacket has seam taping. Almost all rain jackets have seam taping, but it is not the only criteria for a jacket to be fully waterproof. Many water resistance jackets have a seam taping around the hod and shoulder area, which does not necessarily mean that the jacket is fully waterproof.


All women's rain jackets have a lot of zippers. Because of so many zippers, it is quite likely that the water-resistance of the jacket may break. There are tiny gaps between the zippers that allow the water to enter inside. In order to prevent this from happening, the zipper is coated or laminated. They also need a cover, often called a zipper hut or zipper garage, to shield the tiny opening at the end of the zipper track. The trend is away from full flaps in order to save weight, though coatings will eventually wear down and be less effective.


Many women's rain jackets have so many pockets, that it tempts you to not take a backpack for the trail run. Other jackets have hand pockets placed above the hipbelt and away from the shoulder straps so that you can access them while your pack is on. Many jackets now have a pocket to keep your device, as many people love listening to music while running.


One of the biggest qualities of a good women's rain jacket is that it is easy to pack and carry. Before a trial run, every trail enthusiast packs his running gear efficiently and makes the best use of all the space that is available in the backpack. Jackets are usually heavy and take up a lot of weight while packing. Good rain jackets are ultralight and come with their own stuff pack. You can check out our collection of the best women's rain jackets in Australia.