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Altra men’s VIA Olympus is designed for the most efficient road running with ease. It comes with maximum cushioning to provide you maximum comfort on the road, no matter how long you plan to run.

Altra VIA Olympus for men makes every stride comfortable. You can choose any type of road with ease because the VIA Olympus comes with 33 mm of Altra EGO™ MAX midsole which is the highest stack height so far. 

The original Altra FootShape™ gives you the best fit with enough room you need to relax your toes and adjust your foot for natural movement. Altra men’s VIA Olympus also comes with a luxurious, and super light foam which is designed for a plush ride – to give you the most comfortable feel while running long distances.  

Men’s Altra VIA Olympus comes with an Altra rocker shape that allows propulsion and a more efficient toe-off. The Altra VIA Olympus makes road running easier than ever before.

The Altra Men's VIA Olympus is a road running shoe that is designed to provide runners with a comfortable and supportive experience during their runs. In this shoe, Altra has incorporated several features to help runners maintain good form and reduce impact on their feet and legs.

Altra Men's VIA Olympus for Men

Altra Men's VIA Olympus features a thick, cushioned midsole made of EVA foam that helps absorb shock and provide comfort for the feet during long runs. This helps to reduce the stress placed on the feet and legs, which can lead to fatigue and injury.

Altra VIA Olympus has a unique foot-shaped design that allows the toes to splay naturally and provides a wider, more stable platform for the foot. This design promotes a more natural foot strike and encourages good running form.

Additionally, the shoe has a zero-drop platform, which means that the heel and forefoot are at the same height. This helps to promote a more natural foot strike and encourages a midfoot or forefoot landing, which can help reduce impact on the feet and legs.

The VIA Olympus also has a breathable mesh upper that helps keep the feet cool and dry during intense workouts. This helps to prevent discomfort and irritation during runs and helps keep the feet feeling fresh.

Overall, the Altra Men's VIA Olympus is a great option for road runners who are looking for a comfortable and supportive shoe that promotes good running form and reduces impact on the feet and legs. With its cushioned midsole, foot-shaped design, zero-drop platform, and breathable mesh upper, this shoe is designed to help runners perform their best and stay comfortable during long runs.

Altra VIA Olympus Technical Details


Best Use 

Road running 

Shoe Cushioning

Maximum Cushioning 

Zero Drop


Heel-to-Toe Drop

0 mm

Heel Stack Height

33 mm

Forefoot Stack Height   

33 mm

Footwear Height


Footwear Closure



Ultra-lightweight & breathable


Compression-molded foam



Weight (Pair)





Altra VIA Olympus Features 


Altra signature FootShape™ gives more comfort to your and enough space to realx your toes and spread out comfortably. 

The new Altra VIA Olympus offers maximum comfortably and stability on climbing uphills and descending downhills 


Altra Balanced Cushioning™ platform positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, that enhances the performance of road running by reducing the impact on landing. It also encourages a better foot alignment and form.


Altra VIA Olympus is powered by Altra EGO™ Max midsole foam – a luxurious and super lightweight midsole that offers great performance with a little extra bounce and added durability.


Our rocker shape is designed to give the feeling of being propelled forward with each step and provides an efficient toe-off without taking away from your natural stride

Altra VIA Olympus Reviews from Experts

Most of the Altra VIA Olympus reviews were about the midsole that offers great foot stability with a feeling of a homogeneous pillow of deep and dense cushion” while experiencing a great balance between soft and firm midsole. 

The midsole is powered by Altra Ego Max which is an EVA-based compression-moulded foam, which is the same tech used in the Altra Timp 4 and Altra Paradigm 6. This is one of the reasons these shoes got so popular. The Altra Paradigm 6 is a very stable shoe - which is designed with a more parallel and linear geometric shoe profile and it is also stacked with Altra’s standard last.

However, the Altra VIA Olympus focuses on rocker motion because the sole is more curved, unlike Paradigm 6. Its foot shape is quite accommodating because it is a bit wider which that promotes more space, allowing your foot to have enough room to relax and empower natural foot movements. VIA Olympus has a greater comfort factor due to its moulded heel collar and pillowy tongue. 

The Altra VIA Olympus outsole also comes with less ground-contact rubber compared to the Paradigm 6. To make the shoes more lightweight, the Altra design team have reduced some extra material in lower areas on the outsole.

Buy Altra Men’s VIA Olympus Road Shoe in Australia 

The Altra VIA Olympus is the road runner that many have been waiting for – a maxed cushion road shoe for the zero-drop fans. With a great soft-to-firm midsole, Altra Men’s VIA Olympus Road Shoe is much more than what it's made for – super comfortable, wide-toe box, stable and designed for a smooth run. Something all the Altra fans have been long waiting for! 

There are only a few zero-drop shoes in the market that comes with max cushioning for both women and men – this makes Altra VIA Olympus one of the most awaited road shoes in Australia. 

Altra Men’s VIA Olympus comes with a 33 mm midsole powered by Altra Ego MAX midsole, which is the same tech used on the Altra Paradigm 6.0 and this is why it got so popular. 

Buy Altra VIA Olympus in Australia and get ready to dip your feet into this amazing pillow of a road shoe.