Tailwind Nutrition - Total Endurance Fuel

Tailwind Nutrition
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Tailwind Nutrition, Total Endurance Fuel

Tailwind mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!

Available in Medium Bags (30 Serve) and Large Bags (50 Serve) serving bags, as well as 200 calorie stick packs.

  • Complete calories, electrolytes, and hydration: Ditch the gels, chews, and pills, and go all day with just Tailwind.
  • No gut bombs: Stomach problems? You’ll love Tailwind. Unless you enjoy being doubled over, retching.
  • Tasty all day: Clean, light flavours taste better the longer you go.
  • Hydration pack love: Dissolves on contact and cleans up with a quick rinse. No film, aftertaste or science experiments!
  • All natural: Crystal clear with no dyes, preservatives or 4-syllable magical ingredients.

Now Available

Tailwind Rebuild Recovery in Medium Bags (15 Serve) and stick packs!

  • Replenish glycogen stores: contains the right kinds and amounts of carbohydrates to restore your energy after a hard workout
  • Rebuild muscles: perfectly complete protein based on a patent-pending mathematical model to rebuild damaged muscle tissue and mitochondrial protein
  • Rehydrate and restore electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to restore electrolyte balance

1 serve = 1 scoop = 100 calories