Altra Vanish Tempo Road Shoe - Men's

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Altra Vanish Tempo for Men

Introducing the Vanish Tempo, the newest edition to the Vanish family. Like the Vanish C, this shoe is bred for speed but defines it in its own way. This Vanish shoe comes equipped with our rocker shape geometry to help propel each step forward along with our Altra EGO™ PRO midsole foam to cushion each step for mile after mile. Created with our Slim FootShape Fit the Vanish T offers a more snug, comfortable fit for racing and training.

Altra Vanish Tempo is designed specifically for road running, which means it's best suited for running on paved surfaces like sidewalks, asphalt, and concrete. The shoe's EVA rubber outsole is designed to provide excellent traction on these types of surfaces, helping runners feel more secure and stable during their runs. Vanish Tempo outsole also has a rocket shape that promotes a quick and efficient stride.

The Men’s Vanish Tempo Altra EGO™ PRO foam provides responsive cushioning that can help reduce the impact of each footstrike on hard surfaces like roads and provides a comfortable and cushioned ride. This can help reduce the risk of injury and improve overall comfort during longer runs. The shoe also has a Slim FootShape™ design that provides a snug fit for a more natural feel.

In addition, the Altra Vanish Tempo's breathable upper is a great feature for road runners, as it can help keep feet cool and dry during runs on hot, sunny days. The shoe's Slim FootShape™ design also provides a snug fit that can help prevent foot slippage and blisters, which can be common issues for road runners.

Finally, the Altra Men’s Vanish Tempo features balanced zero drop cushioning, which places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground, promoting a more natural footstrike and better alignment. This can help reduce the risk of injury and improve overall running performance.

Overall, the Altra Vanish Tempo for men is a lightweight and responsive running shoe that offers a snug fit, durable outsole, breathable upper, and balanced cushioning to help runners perform at their best.

Altra Men's Vanish Tempo Details

Shoes Type   

Road Running



Heel-to-Toe Drop  


Heel Stack Height  

33 mm

Forefoot Stack Height  

33 mm

Footwear Height  


Footwear Closure  



Engineered mesh




Altra EGO™ PRO


EVA Rubber



Weight (Pair)  

8.2 oz/ 232 g



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If you're a male runner in Australia seeking a high-performance road running shoe, look no further than the Men's Altra Vanish Tempo Road shoe. This shoe is designed with a variety of features that cater specifically to male runners, including a lightweight design, Altra EGO™ PRO foam, Slim FootShape™, EVA Rubber outsole, rocket shape, breathable upper, and balanced zero drop cushioning.

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