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About Tarkine Shoes

Tarkine was established by Australian runners Sam Burke and Ross Johnson, alongside a team of experienced industry veterans. Frustrated with the state of the shoe industry, dominated by multi-billion-dollar companies providing disinformation, false marketing, and no attention to environment. 
  Tarkine team felt it was time to prove that an Australian startup could revolutionize the running shoes game. Tarkine aims to set new trends and create running shoes that not only rival but surpass those of our enormous competitors.

tarkine running shoes

Tarkine Goshawk Running Shoes

Tarkine Goshawk Running Shoes is the best eco-friendly high performance running shoe that is designed to last Over 1000km.

Tarkine Goshawk is powered by the proprietary midsole 'Future Foam' cushioning. The Future Foam cushion is made by using the infused nitrogen technology to create the smoothest running experiences. Tarkine is taking the responsibility for the life cycle of running shoes - Tarkine running shoe offers a high mileage trainer that is built to last that is fully loaded with eco and tech credentials.

Tarkine Trail Devil Running Shoes

Introducing the Trail Devil, the latest offering from Tarkine. Designed to cater to the needs of trail athletes, the Trail Devil is a high-mileage all-terrain running shoe that excels on trails but remains versatile enough for road-to-trail running. As Tarkine continues to gain momentum as one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, the Trail Devil exemplifies their commitment to delivering top-notch performance and innovation to the running community.

About Tarkine Running Shoe

The Tarkine team was not satisfied with the condition of the running shoe industry. The running shoe industry was dominated by multi-billion-dollar stock listed companies providing disinformation, false marketing, and no attention to the environment. Tarkine team decided it was time to show that a small running shoe start-up from Australia is capable the change the running shoe industry and setting new market trend and benchmark of creating running shoes that can compete and exceed those big brands.

By focusing on eco-friendly materials and implementing a comprehensive recycling program, Tarkine running shoes aspire to compel the industry to elevate its standards, abandon wasteful practices, and assume greater responsibility for its carbon footprint. Tarkine are confident that we have crafted genuinely high-end running shoes and apparel while adhering to environmentally friendly practices.

Tarkine warmly invites you to try their products, as they cater to a diverse range of individuals:

  • Serious/elite runners
  • Everyday joggers or walkers
  • Lifestyle enthusiasts
  • Supporters of small Australian companies over multinational corporations
  • Individuals who prioritize environmentally friendly products

Tarkine running shoe primarily focus on eco-friendly materials and work on a comprehensive recycling program. The recycling program will force the running shoe industry to step-up and reduce its wasteful practices, and to become more responsible of their carbon footprints.

Tarkine have successfully created high-end running shoes and apparel in a very eco-friendly way. Our products are suitable for serious runners and everyday joggers or walkers, who are concerned about the environment and only wish to wear eco-friendly products. The tarkine main objective is to make the brand and initiate a successful campaign to save Australia's largest temperate forests.


Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to Tarkine that the success of the business contributes to the preservation of some of the world's most pristine landscapes, including the Tarkine, Australia's largest temperate rainforest. This remarkable wilderness is a haven of the ancient Gondwanan rainforest—a place that holds immense significance and wild beauty. The Tarkine team believes it is their duty to safeguard such treasures for the sake of future generations.

Tarkine donates 2% of every single Tarkine product sale to the Bob Brown Foundation that is helping to save the takayna/Tarkine Rainforest in the north west Tasmania, Australia. The Bob Brown Foundation is working tirelessly to save the Tarkine rainforest, and it is one of the most respected organisations with 100% transparency, accountability and annual reporting.

Tarkine work closely with the Bob Brown Foundation and Tarkine is completely transparent and can provide proof of revenue.