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Shop Topo Athletic in Australia

Shop Topo Athletic in Australia

About Topo Athletic

Topo Athletic is a leading running shoe brand that was created in Massachusetts, USA in 2013 by Tony Post. The “To” and the “Po” from the name the founder Tony Post gives the name to the brand, Topo Athletic. Tony Post has over 40 years of running experience and 30+ years of shoemaking experience on his resume. The game-changing design in Topo running shoes came when Tony discovered that less cushioning in running shoes gives a stable and level platform that encourages better midfoot strike. Tribe&Trail is a trusted retailer to shop Topo running shoes in Australia.

Tony worked for many different running shoe companies, but he realised that there was still something important missing from the running shoe market. He had the vision to develop a running shoe that allowed trail runners and road runners to understand the importance of natural running while retaining some of their favourite shoe features that are present in traditional running shoes. Tony knew that other running shoe brands had already tried to do this, but Tony understood the actual running shoe limitations. The traditional running shoes were too narrow and too sloppy. Moreover, most of the running shoes were either very stiff, too soft, very thick, or quite heavy. Despite these running shoe limitations, most of the running shoes didn’t look that great either. Tony Post decided to create another footwear company, Topo Athletic so he could deliver the vision and experience he personally craved. No doubt he delivered the top-performing Topo Shoes in Australia. Don't forget to check out the best collection of road running and trail running shoes of Topo Athletic in Australia only at Tribe&Trail.

Tony’s Dream of creating his visionary running shoe brand happened in the late summer of 2013, Tony launched Topo Athletic, with a small team on a mission to develop Topo running shoes that were designed to boost the body’s natural running abilities. Topo running shoes were different from the traditional running shoes with minimal features. Topo Athletic Australia would offer a collection of running shoes that were specially designed to honour the shape of the foot and respect the mechanics of running. Athletes could harness the special design to improve the efficiency and fluidity of body moments with the help of Topo Shoes Australia

Where to buy Topo Running Shoes in Australia?

Topo Athletic Australia is an industry-leading brand for trail running shoes in Australia. Topo running shoes are fully dedicated to trail runners and hikers. Topo Shoes Australia is committed to providing the best-performing products to runners in Australia and all over the world.

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