Altra Escalante 3 Road Shoe - Women's

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Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Road Shoe 

An Altra classic is here with an all-new modern look. The new Escalante 3 is here to refresh your run with premium style updates like our sock-like upper material and added elastic for an improved fit to your foot. This new road shoe also comes equipped with our Altra EGO™ midsole foam and our Standard FootShape™ Fit for a versatile yet comfortable ride.

Altra Escalante 3 Women’s running shoe is a versatile daily training and running shoe. The updated version has proved to be better than the previous 2.0 and 2.5 versions. The latest version comes with more cushioning, stability, and protection. The knit upper of the Escalante 3.0 has a little more structure than the previous 2.0 and 2.5 versions due to the subtle overlays that run on both sides of the shoe, the Altra logo on the lateral aspect of the shoe, and a tighter knit material over the dorsum of the forefoot. 

The updated model of the Altra Escalante 3 Women’s running shoe has more foam in the midsole cushioning. The cushioning is soft and light and feels natural, while still keeping the balance. The stack height is 26mm with 0 mm heal-to-toe drop. The 2.0 and 2.5 versions of the Escalante had poor ventilation and foot lockdown problems. The Altra Escalante 3 has addressed those problems. The rubber grip on the bottom of the shoe works well on the track, roads, and even on wet terrains. You don’t need to worry about premature wear and tear as the upper and midsole of the shoe have been made very durable. 

Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Road Shoe Specification:

Running Shoe Type

Road Running 



Heel-to-Toe Drop (mm)


Heel Stack Height (mm)


Forefoot Stack Height (mm)


Footwear Height


Footwear Closure



Engineered Mesh 




Altra EGO foam





Weight (Pair)

1 lb. 2.6 oz.

Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Road Shoe Features


Our signature FootShape™ comfort gives your feet more space to sit naturally and is designed to address biological differences in men's and women's feet.


Our Balanced Cushioning™ platform positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, encouraging better alignment and better form.


Our original Altra EGO™ foam is designed to provide added energy return and a responsive, yet soft, comfortable feel.



This product received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance, awarded to products found by the Association to promote good foot health.


These grid-like grooves in the midsole are designed to provide flexibility and movement.



This outsole technology encourages natural movement underfoot.

Feature Details

  • FootShape™ Toe Box: A signature feature of the Altra series. Women’s Altra Escalante 3.0 has a wide toe box that allows your toes to relax and spread out naturally for a more comfortable fit. 

  • Quantic™ Midsole: This provides a responsive ride with plenty of cushioning and energy return. 

  • A-Bound™ Outsole: Women’s Altra Escalante 3.0 come with outsole material helps to reduce impact and provide more energy return. 

  • ESS Stabilizing Shank: This feature helps to reduce foot fatigue and keep your foot stable. 

  • InnerFlex™ Technology: This technology helps to provide more flexibility in the midsole for a more comfortable fit. 

  • Altra Ego™ Compound: This rubber compound provides superior cushioning and grip. 

  • StoneGuard™ Rock Plate: Altra Escalante 3 for Women comes with a Rock Plate that provides extra protection from rocks and other debris on the trail. 

  • Balanced Cushioning: This technology helps to provide a balanced ride with cushioning in both the heel and forefoot. 

  • FootShape™ Technology: This technology helps to provide a roomy fit and helps keep your foot in place.

Buy Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Road Shoe in Australia

Altra Escalante 3 Women’s Road Shoe is a versatile running and training shoe. This shoe is a go-to for many running enthusiasts who require foot functioning. The AltraEgo midsole in the shoe is soft and helps in low-impact landings. The shoe strikes a great balance between the spread of impact and foot functioning. That is what makes the Altra Escalante 3 a popular road shoe in Australia. The top eye hole in the shoe is back to give you a secure footing. With balanced cushioning, your heel and forefoot are at the same distance from the ground to provide better alignment while running. 

Buy the Altra escalante road shoe at a reasonable price in Australia. But before that, you need to make sure that Altra Escalante 3.0 is the best shoe for you. Before buying the Women’s Altra Escalante 3.0 road shoe, make sure the shoe is designed with the right amount of cushioning to support your foot and reduce the risk of injury. Make sure the shoe fits your foot properly and securely. It should be snug without being too tight. Women’s Altra Escalante 3.0 has a great fit that is designed for women's foot shape. 

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