Quokka 150 Headlamp

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The Quokka 150 Headlamp is a beautifully designed headlamp that you'll simply love to use. It's the perfect headlamp for everyday use, from grilling and DIY work at home, to camping and fishing in the back country.

No Ordinary Headlamp

Quokka 150 is a streamlined, USB rechargeable silicone headlamp without the bulk, endless batteries and “boring” of conventional headlamps. It's small and lightweight.

  • Bright beam reaching up to 20 metres
  • Form-fitting comfort
  • Water resistant IP65 rating (storm proof)
  • USB rechargeable via integrated connector
  • Ultra lightweight at just 48 grams
  • Easy-clean, anti-odour single-piece silicone strap
  • Purposeful spot, wide & red light modes
  • Lock mode

Light Modes

Combo 150 2 - 15 hrs
Spot 100 3.5 - 25 hrs
Ambient / Wide 40 6 - 30 hrs
Red Light 6 28 - 100 hrs